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Membership, Friendship, Connection

22 Aug 2016 3:00 PM | Deleted user

Art heals, we all have heard that phrase haven't we?  I know I certainly have.  I've lived it with friends making art together in small groups.  The friendships begin and are forged by connection.  The laughter, the mess making, paint on our hands, paint brushes dipped in coffee cups by mistake, a mistake on the canvas that turns us in another direction.  Being continuously inspired by each other.  When someone connects with your art, they connect with the authentic you and a friendship can begin.  

That's how I feel about the York Art Association.  I joined as a member just about a year ago.  In that time I've experienced friendship and connection many times over.  Discussions about how our art is made at the Gallery Show Openings.  Peeks in the window of who we are, our inner selves revealed on the canvas, in the photo, or dimensional art.

Laughter as we relate stories of our lives, our art mistakes, our art successes.  Belonging and acceptance, something we all can feel a part of and still remain ourselves.  The perfect balance.

Connection to each other and to a place, a beautiful place by the sea where we can come together in so many ways.  As members, as volunteers, as educators, as connectors ourselves to the larger community.

The YAA is one special place, come join us and let art heal you.


  • 24 Aug 2016 5:50 PM | Deb K.
    This is a beautiful piece. It really moved me and made me feel proud to be part of YAA.
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    • 29 Aug 2016 12:23 PM | Alice Lee Timmins
      Sharing one's interior through art is a bold act of vulnerability. The YAA provides this outpouring of self and others with each changing exhibit. I am blessed to have found this home for my creative self.
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