• 15 Sep 2016 3:12 PM | Deleted user

    Sometimes being creative means doing nothing at all.  Resting, reading, talking a walk, breathing in the wind.  Picking up sticks, or leaves, or detritus from the ground.  Looking up, looking down, but not at your technology, except to snap a pic or two.  Singing to your kids, your dog, your cat in your best Aretha Franklin voice.  Dancing barefoot around the house or in the yard, twirling away. 

    Taking recess time, renew time, finding your muse again. Sometimes doing nothing enhances your ability to reach deep into your gut and follow your path.  Wander down that path and see where it leads....wander away.

  • 22 Aug 2016 3:00 PM | Deleted user

    Art heals, we all have heard that phrase haven't we?  I know I certainly have.  I've lived it with friends making art together in small groups.  The friendships begin and are forged by connection.  The laughter, the mess making, paint on our hands, paint brushes dipped in coffee cups by mistake, a mistake on the canvas that turns us in another direction.  Being continuously inspired by each other.  When someone connects with your art, they connect with the authentic you and a friendship can begin.  

    That's how I feel about the York Art Association.  I joined as a member just about a year ago.  In that time I've experienced friendship and connection many times over.  Discussions about how our art is made at the Gallery Show Openings.  Peeks in the window of who we are, our inner selves revealed on the canvas, in the photo, or dimensional art.

    Laughter as we relate stories of our lives, our art mistakes, our art successes.  Belonging and acceptance, something we all can feel a part of and still remain ourselves.  The perfect balance.

    Connection to each other and to a place, a beautiful place by the sea where we can come together in so many ways.  As members, as volunteers, as educators, as connectors ourselves to the larger community.

    The YAA is one special place, come join us and let art heal you.

  • 04 Jul 2016 3:23 PM | Deleted user

    On the 4th of July today, I reminisce about where I was last year in regards to the YAA: volunteering at the annual craft fair, selling cupcakes outside to kids from St. Georges church, and watching the church attendees perform broadway tunes at the park. It was a day filled with fun and a year later, I look back on that day and smile. Now I am back at the YAA gallery watching over the space and working on the social media pages to promote the organization.

    I first got involved with the York Art Association during April of last year- my senior year of high school. I began by volunteering at gallery openings, working on social media, and submitting my artwork for shows. In the spring of last year I submitted my first piece for a show. It was a photograph taken in Martha's Vineyard of an American flag waving in the wind. Although the piece didn't sell at the show, it's now sitting upon my fireplace mantel today as a decoration for Independence Day. Seeing that framed piece there reminds me of how far I've come in regards to my artistic passions since beginning my work for the YAA. 

    I've seen some amazing work come through the doors of the gallery, but one of my favorite aspects of the YAA is the people. The volunteers, members, board members, visitors, and the people passing by admiring the exterior of the building. As a member of the YAA board, I've become very close with the other board members and have made some amazing connections. These other board members have been so supportive, inspiring, and friendly to me over the past year and have contributed many laughs, memories, and smiles to my life. At our board retreat in May, I learned 10x more about the other board members and it brought us so much closer together. I am so lucky to be part of such an amazing and positive organization that makes me happy to be pursuing a career centered around art and creativity in the future.

    Whenever I drive, run, walk, or bike by the fire engine red colored building that houses beautiful works of art and these positive people, I can't help but smile and remind myself how fortunate I am to have found such a welcoming community of artists in my town. To the artists, board members, volunteers, and town members: take advantage of this amazing space and organization as I can't describe how amazing it is to witness how art has shaped the people involved with the York Art Association. 

    “Art isn't only a painting; it's anything that changes someone for the better, any nonanonymous interaction that leads to a human (not simply a commercial) conclusion.” ― Seth Godin

    Thanks for reading my first post! Stay tuned for more! -Alli Jutras (Board member, YAA Volunteer, College Student)

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